About me

How do you present yourself to those who have known you all your life and those who passed your path only briefly or have come across this page accidentally…? Though I  no longer believe in accidents. Life is about your beliefs. Your beliefs shape your behaviour. Your behaviour changes your life. If you do not like the world your are living in, shape your actions and beliefs and miracles shall colour every step of your way no matter where, how and with whom… That is pretty much about me and the reason how this page finally appeared… and much more… how one ordinary day turned to be a life changing benchmark for all I knew and believed about myself - my occupation, my hobbies, my home, my perception of life purpose and of who I am… So here I am - on my way to the great adventure of my life to something unknown and yet beyond my greatest expectations:) heading to discover myself in the world and vice versa. Navigating into the tempting magical unknown. My past packed and stored in boxes at least for a while and me on my way to my long forgotten dream - a gap time to myself and from the expected routine life flow with the destination to perfect my MA-URI skills in New Zealand at the end point of all my travels:) A time for adventures, encounters, challenges, meditation and eternity in every moment of being… initial tickets in my pocket, the great scheme of my route in my head yet not reflected by my bookings so that space for improvisations is left, the knowing that my hearth and inner voice shall lead me right packed and stored within my hearth:) The adventure starts!

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