Feel like dancing in the rain...

Have you ever before had a day when everything seams to fall into perfect order? … as if the sun rises just for you and you start the day with the perfect song while having a shower and the deepest meditation you ever managed to reach… well, that is ME today:) Or more precisely TODAY for me:) Every day spent in Bangalore takes me further in discovering the long forgotten streets and areas, always surprising noises and never before seen sights… Every journey by auto allows to discover new routes and the immense developments that this city has faced… the Garden city of India - that is how Bangalore used to be called before… full of parks, lanes, trees and flowers. Today those are in tight competition with fast coming up apartment houses and shopping malls… what only adds million more voices on the street and off the street. This city never sleeps! Even in your bed you fall asleep and wake up with at least twenty voices next to your pillow:) And you never know if you shall find your way home at night (that is something like after 7 p.m.) in this hectic city as your auto driver might not speak any of the languages that you know and he might be just a stranger like you to this megapolis, inhabited by at least 10 million people… That comes to three countries of mine!!! And nights are dark here what makes me always wonder am I heading in the right direction or not:) Well, I managed so far:) Fit as never before, happy as everyday before, enthusiastic about my every day in this wonderful country no matter what it brings to me - a business meeting to challenge myself, a get together with long seen friends, a pampering spa massage, a rain or a simple enjoyment of just being here… :) however, if you ever pass by and feel like indulging into the true luxury of Spa world - try Angsana. That is a place where you shall be pampered like a queen with your feet on a pillow during a spa retreat, where your slippers shall be put for you onto your feet by your therapist and all you shall have left to do yourself is simply ENJOY!!! Life is good:) .... just got soaked in the rain. Having a perfect coffee latte. with a huge smile on my face and unlimited joy in my hearth:))) perfect day!

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