First stop - Riga finally!!!

Finally it started!!! After looong looong packing, rolling up all things at home, saying all good-byes, last minute home cinema actions (finally saw Avatar!!!) and millions of candles in the cemetery during the All Souls Day (just adore this festival) ... I love Riga, yet have to admit that the old city pavements are unfriendly for heavy suitcases:))) Tried to minimise my pile of my things but that was something close to mission impossible after watching Avatar - my brain kept returning to the magical world of that movie and my pile of dresses could not compete with that:))) So, my advice  - leave all things before you hit the road in Riga's old city...
Decided to skip all public transport and taxis and after a few seconds at the Info point am heading towards the passenger port by foot. The roofs of the old churches are breath catching, the weather is unexpectedly mild and warm.... have taken off my gloves and unzipped my coat after the first few steps:) Either I am hot with energy or something is wrong with seasons nowadays:) The fields of mustard were still flowering on my way from Vilnius to Riga!!!!! This is sooooo not November at all:))))) Wondering how Stockholm shall be... My expectation was something close to winter:))))
Unexpectedly the pubs are still empty, so no beer or wine for now:))) Instead found the most cozy Caif Cafe I've been to and getting ready to move on toward my Titanic:)))) Hm, not the sinking one hopefully:)))

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