Heaven Heaven Heaven

It is impossible to describe the sky in words of no language… My mother tongue is Lithuanian. One of the most archaic languages still spoken on this beautiful planet. Some legends derive it from the extinguished Sanskrit and the roots of the Ganges, yet even my phonetically old and rich language in unable to capture the spirit of the SKIES. The photo camera is of no help too. And the spotted aircraft window is an obstacle for the perfect picture of the SKY WORLD (but only for the camera, not my eyes) - so intense in blue and soft concentrated bed sheet of the most whitish clouds… a microscopic line where the Sky meets the land of the clouds looks like the most common surface to walk, to fly and land, to sleep and roll in the most fashionable way we used to do in the childhood. Have you ever tried rolling in the snow??? … in a huge thick layer of fresh snow under the blue winterish skies? … the snow is soft yet strong enough to hold you and slippery to allow you to slide again and again, as if dancing with you, passionately touching your cheeks, they turn red, the same reddish colour of the girl's cheek if she is spoken by a boy she likes… That is how the Sky feels IN me right now! Like the innocent joy of the child me, like the endless eternal play of life and destiny, like the perfect path to go and simply live - endless in its horizon, magnificent in its white beauty and blessed by the deep blue skies of the Earth. No worries. Just pure joy. Have never felt so consciously happy as now in my life …. and that now was yesterday, today, a week and month ago… it is boundless in time what makes me believe it is ETERNAL… So let us all simply be happy now and here no matter where we are, how and what we are… cause this magic of the SKIES is always above us even during the most stormy days of your being… We only have to wish to go above, even no plain is needed for that… a simple decision to be happy and search for the beauty within us is all that is needed. Each day is a gateway for a decision to celebrate life within us and around us. We are boundless and eternal in our potential!!! And I choose to celebrate love of life every second of my eternity! :)

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