Hello Sweden

What a beautiful planet we are living in! That single thought was rolling in my mind for the last one good hour… If u ever take the sea route I am doing right now do not be lazy for a very early wake up so that you enjoy the magic of the sunrise amid the Stockholm's island archipelago. Just go to the very end of the entire ship and wait for the magic to begin - first rays of sun, first reddishness separating the sea waters from the sky and finally the burning light of the Sun just in front of you… all that amid the first islands while you enter sea gateway to the city, their rocky peaks and forests with dark greenery of pine trees and golden reddishness of the oak trees, small villas with private docks and small ships and a national flag in front of every residency… wonderful combination:) On the other front of the ship - the heavy fog that depends the city from the visitors… Am looking at it right now - Everything is covered by early morning frog and mist, a meter in front of you all you see is a white sticky wall of white air:) How does the captain solve this white situation?  - very traditionally - by a constant Siren:))) Can easily imagine the times of Vikings and how demanding for enemies was this route. How well naturally defended Stockholm was and what an experienced captain was needed to navigate amid all those tinny islands that I bet only look like small rocky peaks but in fact are something much greater covered by the sea waters. So many underwater dangerous islands must be hidden in those waters here and so easily they can make a hole in your ship if you turn at least one single meter aside… Wonderful combination of nature defence!

Just a second ago was looking at all those tinny islands - numerous in number and all different is shape and original in their natural beauty. Hardly remember when I last saw so much rock and stone and such steep rocky cliffs, every and each decorated by smaller or bigger lighthouses. Wonderful! Just wonderful! Can easily imagine myself living on one of those tinny islands and standing on those cliffs to welcome the sailing ships, wind playing with my long hair and loose dress… even from the deck of this huge ship I could feel the solitude and tranquility of all those islands, the connection with nature and sea of the people who inhabit them… And suddenly remembered a trilogy of novels I read years ago that made a huge impact on me. It is a saga of one swedish family, basically an extraordinary story about three generations of women of that family - strong, fighting for their place, loving and cruel at times yet always standing out of their time… and the nature I just saw felt as if reading again the sentences of all those three books… the same cliffs, rocks and stone, the feeling of harshness and serenity, hidden secrets and stories beyond every lighthouse… Fantastic how our brain connects and reconnects the pages of a book and the reality caught by my eyes decades after I read those books:) I strongly recommend to read that trilogy - Dinas bok by Herbjorg Wassmo.

P.S., one more thing… have realised that started to see with sentences in my head after I started writing this blog:) That is worse than taking photos with every glimpse of your eye:))) those sentences crowd in your head until you release them on paper:) a new experience to me:)))

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