India feels like home

First days of acclimatisation over - the head is full of words again:) So, hello to everyone this time from India already! Won't lie - it feels soooooo good to be back. The greenery of palm trees transported me into a new realm of being after the first few moments my plane touched Mumbai's land. First breeze of the Arabic sea while watching the sunset over a delicious Mojito - done, first dips into a swimming pool in a palm grove - done, first glimpses with a snake on my swimming pool side - done (am so proud of myself - no drowning over panic), ancient buddha caves that date the Jesus birth time - visited, wine tasting festival of delicious local Indian wines and a visit to my internationally beloved Starbucks - also done, a weekend in Goa - already planned:) Loved those first days of being here! Bangalore is a chilly breeze compared to warm Mumbai. Might look strange to locals but I need my woollen sweater in the evening here:) and they will be definitely shocked when they see me taking a dip in the pool - "no good time for swimming, too cold - winter". Well, I presume I will be able to handle winter in plus 20 degrees in that inviting pool somehow:))) Cheers to sun and it's energy! Am sending sunshine to all of you back home:)

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