On board of Isabelle

The voyage begins!!! So excited. The disco programme runs till 5 a.m.:) and there is even a sauna:))) However, this time not about that... There is a strange feeling or rather inner knowing that found its place in me in the last few days. Yet due to the running here and there I hardly found suitable time to share it with you all. A prayer that came to me as the most valuable gift stirred something deep in my hearth and an instant knowing hit me immediately - it is in us all, it is about us all, it is about what we all search for and long to feel so... So here it, am sharing those beautiful lines from be eye-opening book "MA-URI prayers to celebrate the Divine" by the amazing teacher of mine Katja Fox:

"Where do we GO and where do we STAY?
What determines the direction of our Journey
And who knows the coordinates of our Destiny?
Why are we restless and prepared to risk everything
For one leap into the Unknown?

Because we trust inner Knowing and sense of direction!
Because we dare expand our boundaries, activate our potential and
Burst through every limitation
To catch just ONE glimpse of the Mystery that sustains us all!"

This who and how I AM now and here and this is how I SAIL into my yet unknown Destiny I have longed all my life for!!! What a moment to celebrate now and ever:) The feeling is as if you are on the edge of discovering something beyond your imagination and the imagined potential.... the only difference from my so far journeys is that the focus of this one is directed into my hearth and inner voice rather than the places outside... I shall always be grateful for all this change of the direction of my Life Journey no matter where it brings me ... :) Literary first SAIL ever starts:) 

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