Bali # Day 3 # Cycling torture:)

Wow! I made it! Hahaha:) Keep wondering now what my legs shall tell me tomorrow morning:) What can I say - cycling in Bali on the slopes of Mount Agung (the highest volcanic mountain in the island) in plus 32 degrees or so is a challenge and only such crazy like me go for it:))) Perhaps that is the reason the rental price for a bicycle equals to bike rentals and you have to search for bicycles to rent while there are numerous rental bikes on every corner of the local village street… 
… anyway, started my day dressed in my beloved violet dress and in my everything surviving stylish red ballerina crock shoes - ready to conquer the surrounding villages with my charm:) The bike man asked me repeatedly - are you sure you want to do this? Take bike! I will teach you how to ride! That was hilarious:))) But nope - I took the bicycle… and only after a few kilometres out of the 8 that I made today in this up and down mountain area I wished I listened to him at least a little bit:) Well, at the same time thought to myself - you just have to peddle while cycling, so what the hell - just enjoy:) And I did! Picked the direction where according to the locals there is nothing - as if the island ends:))) But that is so to the opposite - yes, the cafes and hotels and white tourist faces end with the mark of the villages but then real Bali starts… and that are mountain peaks tucked with local houses and gardens, fishing beaches, simple farmer's houses, the rubbish (well, apparently they also have it), numerous small rivers with the monsoon waters that run down from the slopes of the Agung, and endless greenery… Loved it all! Bali is so so so green right now! Even in our deepest summer we do not get that deep green combination with a blue sky and mountain clouds. Wonderful! Unforgettable! Breath catching! The running kids, the smiling faces of men and women of all ages… Village Bali has its secret for joy, smile and tranquility…
… and good food! Yup!!! Did it - checked every street stall for street junk food and local specialities:))) From local chips of unknown origin to the best so far meal I had in a Bali - BENSO. And Benso is something we would call soup:) You take a ball and put boiled rice noodles, some herbs, cut cabbage, deep fried crispy spice onion, and then you add pork bullion with minced pork balls stuffed with egg inside. Soya and chilli dressing is after you but just go ahead and mix like locals do:))) Still not running to the toilet and still not regretting I stepped out of my vegetarian shoes for a moment:) That street shack food was super, tucked with locals and busy as hell:) They even did not have coke to disinfect the possible threats of the meal - well, so tried some local drink instead:) Don't know what it was, but it was definitely sweet:)))
So, now that I survived my torture cycling day and am finally mentally ready to try riding a BIKE tomorrow, time for some local whine and dessert:) this time in a 5 start SPA resort next to my door. Hahaha, love the contrasts of this part of the world - you simply get all that is possible in one place:) Time for traditional Balinese dance. Now that I found a working ATM in the diameter of 10 km (of course the one that was working was in my village even though locals said it is shut down) and have cash and am rich again, a SPA sounds like a good evening choice:) Viva la vida! :)

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