Goa was the time for many inner insights. There is nothing better than MA-URI dance steps on the soft morning sand next to the breaking waves of the ocean… An experience to remember! … and morning silent meditations in the rising sunlight… a time to connect - to connect with nature, sun, water, Earth, stars, Universe and above all - yourself and your body. A time to remember who you are. A chance to catch a glimpse of the inner child that we all are at any stage of our life journey… and to look for "troubles" :) - play, laugh, try, experiment, search, discover… Something changed. I changed. Again:) Love changes as where are changes there is life:)
It's another perfect morning in a bursting and never sleeping India. This time - up in Rajasthan. The biggest state of India. And it's capital Jaipur. The Pink City as it is known:) A city of pinkish and sandy-brown colour walls, stuck with sandy-orange-brown colour buildings, palaces, maharaja historical heritage, forts that can be visible on the surrounding deserted hills… no more trees, no more green colour… That is left in the South of India… the green here is alike an oasis in the ruling sandy shades:) The wild cows on the busy streets no more mingle on your way… instead there are camels, men on horses and coloured elephants! :) It has been more or less seven years after I first stepped on this maharaja land, yet the feeling is as if it is my first time:) Especially the experience of staying in a hotel that is a real palace. Ups, used to be a real royal palace, built end of the 18th century. Simply breath catching! No need to go to a museum - there is a glass separated museum space in the room itself:) Am lying right now in my bed and looking at the original maharaja's chairs just in the room:) Every corridor dwells with history - original mosaics, carvings, saved and exhibited old door handles, locks, swords… small inner yards with fountains where the royal family used to spend there time, night lights of the entire building complex that blend with candle light of the restaurant tables and lights on the garden trees… the performance of dancers and singing of local singers, play with fire, dance with pots on the head…. all in one day with no need to step out of your hotel:) That was a never to forget experience:) True, will be open to the end - the top for me was to discover a bath in my bathroom with a relaxation music:)))) What a joy and small memory of home:) Stupid, isn't it, but loved to indulge into it anyway:)))

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