Goa goa goa...

Love my unpredictable ways in India… you come to the seaside for a few days and suddenly find yourself there after a week too:) The ticket gone (who cares, there are at least ten other buses each night back home), the survey "Mam, how did you like your travel with us?" on your e-mail is left unanswered…:) Instead - the morning breeze, long walks at the ocean, meditation facing the rising sun or the starlit sky and this never ending sound of breaking waves or ocean's play with your body while you are floating in those deep warm waters… the perfection of fresh fruit juices and Tandoor fish, wild dogs, pigs, horses and cows on the beach and … tranquility… 

Don't misunderstand - Goa is rocking with "yoga chicks" (just love that saying of non-yogis), India-through travellers (I call them hippies), almost settled in Russians, local youngsters-weekenders and sun-hungry mostly German pensionaries… there is space for everyone. Sometimes it seams to me that Goa is like a sponge that has the magic of shrinking and expending upon need:) Beaches for partying, villages for yoga and meditation, settlements for Russians… There is everything! All kind of stripes of beaches with still few wild ones in between!!! Those are the ones you shall never forget:) The feeling of discovering a new land as if you are Vasco de Gamma itself penetrates you the moment you step your feet in them… Wonderful feeling! :) 
… wonderful nature, beautiful flowers along your road and hundred year old trees we do not have at home, amazing people every step on your way - may it be a local old man or lady, a small curious child, an dancing-partying Russian on the beach or just another searcher for himself/herself like you… Bikers on every possible road, mixing with travelling cows and barking dogs, overtaking lorries and endless "Tourist vehicles" (luxury AC taxis)… Love that blend - like a perfect traffic smoothy:) 

Every time I find myself in Goa is a time for discovering something new - new beach, new dish and something new in me… This time it is CHANGE. Change and the power of letting go in you what is no longer life, what does not take you beyond the rainbow, what keeps you frozen. For CHANGE means LIFE… and I choose to LIVE! :) So, Viva Goa and viva la vida:)))
A few tips for those on their way to Goa:
  • Agonda - the top beach to stay with its wild cows, clean sandy coast, rocks that tempt to climb them and the most starlit sky in the Goan area;
  • Dunhill Beach Resort sea front cabanas- the right place to indulge in the real beach experience:)
  • Dunhill Beach Resort restaurant - do not miss their fish tikka, fresh watermelon juice and tandoor seafood…hm, yammy:)))
  • Space Goa on Agonda road towards Palolem - super gift shop (ask for Kate) and fantastic raw cocktails, home baked breads for homesick tongues, perfect salads and fresh lemongrass tea:)))
  • a real coffee experience - cafe Budan! The only cafe in Agonda that has a real espresso machine:) Loved their coffee Latte!
  • Real Tibetan momos (steamed dumplings) and cooking classes with always smiling Sami - try cafe Rumba in Palolem (on the main road to the beach)
  • for Vasco de Gamma experiences head towards the wild Cola beach (North to Agonda)
Goa, I shall surely be back! :) Next stop - finally Rajasthan!!! Am coming! :)

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