Goodbye Bali…

There is nothing you cannot be, there is nothing you cannot do, there is nothing you cannot have.

Those are the gifts I found in myself at Bali. The knowing that I can be, do, and have whatever I can imagine is so strong in me. All we have to do is not fear and love instead. And there is so much to love starting from ourselves… Nature is such a good example for it here in Bali. Every raindrop loves every leave, every ocean wave loves the corals beneath its surface and the orchestra of frogs pays its tribute to the rain swimming pools in the fields… Christmas here was full of nature miracles - have never before seen such a sky at night - half completely clear with stars, half covered with rain clouds, with the rising moon from the ocean and a strong lightening far on the horizon… Was sitting in a completely abandoned dark beach and seizing the moment with every cell of my body… No white snowflakes yet complete harmony in me and around me… The paradise around me allowed to realise that the real paradise starts within me… 
The last few days of countdown in here before I start a new page of my travel were full of thrill and going beyond my own limits… That for me was a class in FREE DIVING. Well, what can I say… if you ever get a chance to try it, just go ahead… go and experience yourself in the deep ocean waters… with 50 meters or so depth underneath, whitish water and the beauty of the breaking sunlight in it… There are no more corals that amaze you and no play of small shining fishes that distract your sight…. just you, water and the rope that takes you deep under the water surface…. ah, and yes, your breath… How far can you go? How long can you be in there in your comfort zone? What are your limits and how does your body react to your deep water play with it…? An experience that takes you beyond into life meditation… :) No wonder free diving goes along with yoga and meditation. 
If you ever decide to try it in Bali just head to Amed and look for Apneista (www.apneista.com)… that is a true yoga in the deep ocean waters and much more - super healthy food cafe,  evening yoga classes next to the breaking waves… a place and people with unique life style and philosophy… Loved those two day no matter how exhausting it was for my body:) 
Leaving Bali with new realisation that you can be all what you want even in your body as it is not a limit to go beyond… with a deeper connection to the nature of our beautiful planet and a touch of Balinese smiling spirit… Was great. Am not saying goodbye… you never know:)

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