Another pearl of Rajasthan! A return to the Blue city after more or less 7 years… The majestic Joghpur with the splendour of it's fort and palace, which still belong to the Royal family. An exceptional life story of the maharaja and the magnificent palace that he built. Even today it is not only a luxury hotel and a museum but as well one of the biggest private residencies in the world! My favourite is the fort though. Even a single sight of that pearl of architecture captures your breath and the panorama of the turkish blue city down the steep hill captures your look forever. It is simply unbeatable!!! Definitely one of the places you shall never forget in your entire lifetime! The variety of blue walled house colours, the street labyrinth inside the old city walls, the 500 year old hotel with a stone bed, the light of the fort in the dark evening sky and the majestic history of the Land… Lovely and unforgettable!

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