What a welcome, Bali! What a birthday!:) Definitely one to remember:)))
Am feeling like I have stepped into a new world for me. Singapore was that invisible line that I simply crossed… not even realising where it shall lead me… It took me a decade to go beyond India… Finally am here - new faces, new cultures, new landscapes… everything NEW!!! And I am loving it! No, am jumping out of anxiety and joy!!! Suddenly the hunger for more and more travel is revealed in me again:) For some reason I was always convinced that am not interested in Cambodia, Vietnam, China… but something happened in one sec after I landed in Singapore - suddenly I knew I want it all! The change was immediate.  The best birthday present ever - childish hunger for new discoveries! Finally in my life I feel that I belong to the WORLD!
The terminating year was spectacular for me - all wishes came true in most unpredictable ways!!! Dreaming big is dangerous as the moment you step into the stage of your life where dreams come true you must be careful what you ask for:))) Everyday was a gift of so many inner discoveries and growing in my conciseness… Waking up this morning in my lovely balinese bungalow I was triggered what should I wish for this year… and then a knowing came in me that I do not need to wish for anything anymore… all I have to be this time is to be grateful! So I am - that is the logo of the newly starting year of my life! I am so grateful for the most pressures gift of LIFE itself and that is enough to celebrate every day with love withought end for everyone and everything… Viva la vida!!! :)

Now Bali… Hm, what can I say…? Definitely green… for sure smiling… Balinese just have it on there face… I wonder - do they know how to look angry…? Very very clean! What a shock it was for me to discover no trash on the roads after a month spent in India:))) No cows-dogs-camels-goat on your way on the street:) I counted - saw 12 cows in the range of 2-3 km from my home stay, nicely bound to their stables with nice wooden fence and even a roof to protect them from rain and sun. Wi-fi in every spot along the sea:))) Balinese seam to be well connected:) Definitely different spices. Was thinking to try grilled barracuda for dinner … hahaha… Lithuanians shall definitely understand the joke:) 

The results of my first day in Amed/Bunutan:
  • apparently picked up the best side of the island for me - Amed if for nature lovers, mountain trekking, peace, reef snorkelling, diving and with a direct connection to the other surrounding islands!!! That I call divine connection in life:))) I just spotted the first hotel and booked it as the reviews were fantastic. Was too lazy to search through www.booking.com. Bali has simply too many hotels to offer:) And as a result am sitting in my awesome private bungalow on the rocks with a private sea fencing terrace at a cost that is unbelievable for our estimations:))) The place is called Warung ARY Homestay - lovely and highly recommend! 
  • first time soaked through in monsoon rain:) That was something! A nice wet rainy lighted by monsoon lightning 2 km walk back home through the village was a walk I shall never forget! Enjoyed every moment of it:) My crock ballerina shoes rock in this season:))) and the ocean in monsoon rain is an experience to indulge!
  • medium grilled in non-visible balinese sun:))) One more stupid foreigner! That is ME! Finally have my quick light brownish tan that even India did not manage to give me:))) Do not get tricked by the cloudy dark balinese sky and better sleep in your bed but not on your sun-bed:)))
  • three dives and snorkel swims in one of the best coral spotting beaches at this side of the island - that is my beach:))) Perfect pick again:) For someone who loves snorkelling but did not expect it in Bali - best birthday present ever:) The underwater is simply magical here! Even Red Sea did not have such beautiful reef as I saw today! can not wait to see more!!!
  • first balinese massage just on the mattress in the garden next to the beach. Nice oil, good strong touch, monsoon rain around instead of music, half naked in the invisible but still existent public:))) Love Bali just for that today! :) 
The end result - 3 times soaked through in the ocean and once in the monsoon rain, chocolate instant balinese tan, massaged all over and ready to try and get some preferably not local feni to celebrate my birthday:) The first day is not yet over! :)

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