Merry Christmas!

Travelling makes an interesting influence on your routines… You do not have them anymore. You hardly feel traditional festivals too. That happened to me with Christmas spirit. Might have lost it somewhere in the rice paddy fields or under the palm… 
and yet, miracles do happy, especially on Christmas Eve:) So here I was yesterday wrapped in never ending monsoon rain storm that went on for entire day… cosily lying on a comfortable soft floor seater in this yoga restaurant place, sipping fresh watermelon juice with mint, overlooking the wild sea and going through their tinny library just in the middle of the cafe… and then my Christmas gift came straight into my hands - a book. A book my hearth was searching for since I left India. A spiritual book on Love and Life and Faith and Connection with God… A book that reflected so deeply in me that I could not let it go out of my hands and that built in me Christmas joy in a single moment… Woke up with an enormous wanting to share with Christmas awaiting spirit with entire Universe! 
I may not have white snowflakes around me nor my beloved family seated next to me on a festive table but the WHITE Christmas spirit is in and around me. A lot of people think white is the absence of colour. It is not. It is the inclusion of all colours. The same like Love is the inclusion of all emotions in Life. A total sum of everything in Life. That is Jesus message to us. That is Christmas spirit! 
Life is about creation. Love is about creation of all possible experiences. So may this Christmas be filled with love without end in your hearths as that is never ending creation by how we choose to live! Create the most magnificent joyful day ever for yourself and your loved ones! Love you, hug you all, you are in my hearth no matter how far I am… Merry Christmas to you all!

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