Rotorua - a land of rotten egg:)

So it is! Steam and smell - two first welcome signs to this land of volcanic thermic activities with beautiful lakes of unimaginable colour, green valleys, endless bushes and walk trails… My first steps in the Land of the White Long Cloud or as locals call it Aerotera are meant to be here! 
Almost 20 hour long journey, comprised of a long taxi ride, two flights and a bus route, is finally over, managed to sleep of my jet lag in something like 12 hours… :) and jumped straight into my trek shoes for a 3 hour long mountain path trek amid the so called bush:) Well, just for a small clarification, that equals to a forest over here:))) In our understanding bush is something like big grass but forget that here:) Bush is big, tall, green, impossible to cross, dense and full of sounds!!! Enormous energy of our lovely planet! Trees that are impossible to hug and measure in height! In Rotorua everything is big - blue is deep blue, trees and deep green, mud holes are dark brown, thermic steam is hot hot and so strong that even the canalisation system, streets, pavements, gardens are steaming:))) Quite a strange feeling to walk on a steaming pavement but quite liked it! Felt good to be entirely alone in that bush, lost in the greenery of a different sort, amid tall trees of unknown kind and surrounded by strange bird sounds, to watch the bubbling pods and waters in the city centre under sign "walk only on the path, thermic area (Rotorua is stuffed with t:hess signs on your every step). 
A good walk up to contemplate on the passing year… it seamed that every step I made up there remembered me of every moment of the passing 2013… So many memories, so much to remember with love and tenderness, so much joy and inner discoveries and above all changes…. it was a good year indeed. Definitely a year to remember! A year of love and creation, a year of conscious choices and challenges and never ending divine gifts…! Yup, life is definitely good:) Bye bye 2013 - am ready to welcome the coming 2014! And to do that just in my home stay garden next to a streaming spring under the dark sky full of stars was something I never did before! Meditating and dancing MA-URI in there in compete silence that was disturbed only by night songs of local birds was indescribable. Only the tall hundred year old trees in Allaine's wonderful garden are my witnesses:))) Felt the coming 2014 on my skin! They promised to be exceptional:) Ready to jump into them straight ahead! :)

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