Why Bali…?

Woke up with an immense joy and an endless smile on my face:) … and a wonder why for God's sake did I pick up Bali from the entire archipelago of Indonesian islands? I was told yesterday that there are 17.000 of them! Now I know - Bali was meant to be. I was destined to experience it's exceptional energy:) And that is endless smiling, pure joy of life, happiness signature on every face, joyful never crying children, connectedness with nature and each other, millions of blossoms and deep greenery of nature, richness of our mother Earth on every step… Such is Bali! No place for sadness and regrets on this sacred Land! It is the most prefect spot to remember and rebuilt the connectedness in me! There are no words to describe the power of meditation and MA-URI dance while overlooking the morning sky's reflection on the sea, countless small fishing boats floating in the waters and first sun rays on the mountains… Perfection of being! No wonder they have no reason to spoil their day with ego tricky plays:) The only way of being in Bali is a simple surrender to LIFE and LOVE within YOU! Cheers to the day with fresh watermelon juice:)

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