Hm… finally connected:)

Well, the start of New year has been busy this side of the world:) … and unexpectedly disconnected from the rest of the world. Did not expect that New Zealand is soooo wifi unfriendly, almost the same as in case of dogs that are not allowed anywhere and just seldom welcomed on a leash in some spots. My last few hours before I shall again disconnect from the civilisation. This time for MA-URI training. Yup, finally it starts! The reason for all the travels and changes and choices!!! Am so excited! The time before was enough to see all of the most wanted spots on the North island. Tried to list in my head what has happened and where I have been so far and have to admit I failed… :) Too much of gipsy like travels from one spot to the other every other night, numerous treks,  dives, climbs, walks, hikes… New Zealand is impossible to describe. For the first time in my life I lack of words… For me it is simply enormous SPACE. No matter where I am - in a bay of islands, at the ocean coastline, on top of the mountain, in the centre of volcano crater, under water, on the road, in the valley or a bush…. it always feels like being in this endless SPACE. Everything is big here, all seams endless… like your own being and look at everything you see…. may it be the tranquil blue waters of the ocean, the deep sky with numerous clouds, rain storm, mist or fog, a beach that starches so long that you see neither end of it, sand dunes that are as steep as five store apartment house, kauri trees that outgrow all your imagined estimations of how big a tree can bee. All I did, all places I went, all people I met only expended the feeling of eternity in this land… It definitely is a new beginning in me, a new land to see, a new life to experience. Every moment being majestic in its simplicity. There is so much FREEDOM in me that is generated by the SPACE of this land and the strong spirit of maori people. Here I was yesterday packed in my small rental car, suddenly lost and seeing no ends to match on my map of my estimated location, passing off road mountain valley road, none to see for half of a day, no water, no food, some petrol, just many dollars in my pockets that I could suggest to the cows and sheep, no humans to see or smell… and yet I simply felt so in PLACE driving through that wilderness and valleys and being sure that eventually that unmarked road shall lead me to my final destination - the giant kauri trees that I was so desperate to see. And guess what - it did! Stood there literally at their feet and cried as they were so majestic. And felt so small, many human lives are not enough to reach the size of their spirit. Cried as realised one more time that the end destination is not the only thing that matters, the road we choose to take to reach it is equally important. Mine was truly breathtaking all this time, not only today… with unexpected highs and lows that led me to this moment. To a feeling that am ready to face it all what expects me in the coming month in any given way and form… 

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