MA-URI® offers a spiritual healing system, which has its roots in Polynesian practices. MA-URI® bodywork combines Hawaiian style dance movements with long rhythmical strokes that enhance the energy flow within the body and mind. MA-URI® bodyworks allow to restore balance between human body, mind, emotional realm and spirit. MA-URI® touch carries in itself a tender, sacred and respectful approach to human body. MA-URI® massage is a passage to relax physical, mental and emotional tensions and release energy blockages in a human body. Throughout the development of MA-URI® HealingArts certain unique techniques and approaches have been selected and fine-tuned to suit a modern reality and to take into consideration the differences between Polynesian and Western cultures. It is impossible to read what MA-URI® is, it is possible only to experience its magic...

You may find more information on MA-URI® on the official webpage of MA-URI® institute

I believe that life is about choices. That is how I became a licensed MA-URI® practitioner.. 

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